Initial Paperwork

  Initial paperwork that needs to be filled out before your first appointment

Your Treatment

What To Expect From Your First Treatment

1)  Christina will be asking you about your current and past health history.  She looks at the body as a whole so some of the questions may not seem relevant to your current condition.  Because she tries to find the root cause of your illness, the first appointment is about an hour & a half to an hour & forty-five minutes long.  This includes the health history and treatment.

2) You will need to wear loose fitting clothes such as loose yoga pants or shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. 

3) Some people find that after their treatment they are extremely relaxed and need to ease slowly back into their day.  If at all possible don’t schedule stressful activities right after your treatment.

4) We accept cash, check and credit cards.  We also provide receipts for insurance reimbursements.  (We will try to work with workmen's compensation and car accident claims.)  We are willing to evaluate and discuss your insurance requirements as needed.  Payments are due at time of treatment.